MIT Visualizing Cultures
Black Ships & Samurai Curriculum
by Lynn Parisi: Table of Contents

Lesson 01:
Introduction to Reading the Visual Images in Black Ships & Samurai

Handout 01-A
Handout 01-B

Lesson 02:
The American-Japanese Encounter: Multiple Perspectives in Art

Handout 02-A
Handout 02-B
Handout 02-C

Lesson 03:
The Black Ships: Multiple Perspectives in Constructing Historical Narrative

Handout 03-A
Handout 03-B

Lesson 04:
Capturing Culture through the Visual Record

Handout 04-A
PowerPoint Template

Lesson 05:
Comparing Narratives

Handout 05-A
Handout 05-B
Handout 05-C
Textbook Excerpts

Lesson 06:
Cultural Encounters: Case Study through Sport

Handout 06-A
Sumo Account Excerpt

Lesson 07:
Site Quest: Advising the Shogun on a Response to America

Letter #01
Letter #02

Lesson 08:
Site Quest: Creating a Guide to the “Foreigners”


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