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Black Ships & Samurai, Lesson 05

Comparing Narratives

Black Ships & Samurai Handout 05-B | Printer-friendly PDF file

Using the Black Ships & Samurai unit to Elaborate
the Story of Commodore Perry in Japan

Student Directions
Your teacher will assign you a section of the Black Ships & Samurai Essay to study in detail. For whichever section of the Essay you are assigned, your task is to identify 10 specific examples of data in the exhibit that extend or elaborate the history of the Perry expedition that you read in the two textbook excerpts back in your classroom.

    Essay: Introduction
    Essay: Black Ships
    Essay: Portraits
    Essay: Gifts
    Essay: Perry

1. In the space below, describe the 10 examples you have found.

2. Make your own notes on how this additional information in the Essay changes the story of the Perry encounter with Japan that you understood from the textbook excerpts that you read.

3. What “voices” are added to the story of the first encounter between Japan and the United States through the Essay? That is, are there groups of people who are represented in the Essay that are not represented in the history textbook? If so, who are they and how does their participation change the history of this event, if at all?

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