"100 Views of Great Tokyo in the Shōwa Era" by Koizumi Kishio / kk020r_1931-32c_w085_brdg
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Kachidoki, “shout of triumph,” refers to Japan's victory over Russia in 1905, the year that ferry service was
established to link Tsukiji and Tsukishima, 3,500 acres of reclaimed land facing Tokyo Bay. In anticipation of the
Twelfth Olympic Games, to be held in Tokyo in 1940, Tsukishima was designated as the site of an enormous
sports stadium complex, with indoor and outdoor facilities covering 600 acres. The Kachidoki Bridge,
completed in 1940, replaced the ferry service and allowed cargo ships access to the warehouses of
Mitsubishi and Sumitomo, two of Japan's leading industrial companies.

New Kachidoki Bridge (#20r), (no date)

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