"100 Views of Great Tokyo in the Shōwa Era" by Koizumi Kishio / kk020_1931_w086_ferry
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At the time that Koizumi created this print, Tsukudajima was an island of reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay—a traditional
fishing village that contained a shrine and a lighthouse left unaffected by the earthquake. A row of electrical
poles and industrial buildings fade away in the distant landscape, as a woman in traditional dress makes her
way to the ferry dock. A recurrent theme in Koizumi's portfolio is nostalgia for age-old sites
and for places untouched by the bustle of modern Tokyo.

Kachidoki Ferry at Tsukiji (#20), November 1931

          The Wolfsonian–FIU, Miami Beach, FL, The Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. CollectionVisualizing Cultures

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