"100 Views of Great Tokyo in the Shōwa Era" by Koizumi Kishio / kk021_1932_w084_niju
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This stone bridge was built in 1887 to cross the moat at the main entrance to the Imperial Palace. It was the
primary ceremonial bridge that important visitors and the emperor used to enter the grounds of the Imperial
Palace. The bridge later came to represent the emperor and the nation's military aspirations. During the years
leading up to the Second World War, young Japanese men would be photographed in front of this bridge
prior to leaving for military service. Because this bridge and the iron bridge behind it were not
destroyed during the earthquake, they were also symbols of fortitude and survival.

Nijū Bridge on New Year's Day (#21), January 1932

          The Wolfsonian–FIU, Miami Beach, FL, The Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. CollectionVisualizing Cultures

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