MIT Visualizing Cultures

Selling Shiseido – Lesson 01

The Images in the Mirror: Women as
Reflections of Social & National Change
By Lynn Parisi

Handout 01-B | Printer-friendly PDF file

Picture Analysis Guide

For each image in the Selling Shiseido II Visual Narrative that your group has been assigned, analyze the messages and information in the image using the questions below.

1. Who is portrayed—is it a wife, a mother, a housewife, or a woman in another role?

2. What is she doing?

3. What do her clothes or expression tell you about her?

4. Can you tell where she is? If so, describe.

5. What do you know about her from the picture?

6. What other objects, people, or activity make up the picture?

7. How does the picture relate to the information you gathered in your research about Japan during this time period?

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