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Selling Shiseido – Lesson 01

The Images in the Mirror: Women as
Reflections of Social & National Change
By Lynn Parisi

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Research Guide

You have been assigned a Visual Narrative with images from a particular time period in early-20th-century Japanese history. Before analyzing the images in your Visual Narrative, conduct research to learn more about the time period of your narrative.

Conduct additional reading and research online, in your textbook, or use available library resources to learn more about Japan during the period represented in the Visual Narrative your group has been assigned. Collect research notes that you can share with your group.

Group 1: Appealing to Modern Families: Shiseido Geppō (monthly), 1924–1931

Group 2: Leisure & the Smart Set: Shiseido Graph (monthly), 1933–1937

Group 3: Mobilizing a Retail Work Force: Shiseido Chain Store, 1935–1940

Group 4: Commercial Advertising & the War: Chain Store & Hanatsubaki, 1936–1941

For your time period, complete the following.

1. What economic changes were happening in Japan? In the world?

2. What social changes were happening in Japan? In the world?

3. What political or military changes were happening in Japan? In the world?

4. What was Japan’s relationship with the rest of the world at this time?

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