MIT Visualizing Cultures
Yokohama Boomtown Curriculum
Table of Contents

Lesson 01
Every Picture Tells a Story: Conducting a Detailed
Analysis of a Yokohama-Era Woodblock Print

Handout 01-A
Handout 01-B

Lesson 02
Yokohama Boomtown: Amity and Commerce?
Handout 02-A
Handout 02-B

Lesson 03
Yokohama, Crossroads of Culture:
A Look at Cultural Transmission

Handout 03-A
Handout 03-B
Handout 03-C

Lesson 04
Site Quest: Creating a Guide to the “Foreigners”

Student Directions
Handout 04-A

Lesson 05
What Did It Mean to Be “Western”?

Handout 05-A

Lesson 06
An Investigation into the Historiography of Yokohama Boomtown:
How Does History Change When New Perspectives Are Discovered?

Supplemental Art Analysis Page
Handout 06-A
Handout 06-B
Handout 06-C

Lesson 07
DBQ: The Changing Relationship between Japan and the West

Handout 07-A
Practice Exercise

Lessons 01, 03, 04, 05, and 07 were developed by Lynn Parisi.
Lessons 02 and 06 were developed by Meredith Melzer.

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