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MIT Visualizing Cultures
Throwing off Asia Curriculum
by Lynn Parisi: Table of Contents

Lesson 01:
Reading a Visual Primary Source

Handout 01-A
Handout 01-B (PowerPoint)
Handout 01-C (PowerPoint)
Handout 01-D (PowerPoint)
Handout 01-E

Lesson 02:
Doing History: Analyzing, Organizing Data, Forming Hypotheses
Handout 02-A (Word doc)
Sino-Japanese War (PowerPoint)
Russo-Japanese War (PowerPoint)

Lesson 03:
Bunmei Kaika: The Role of Art in Promoting Government Policy

Background Notes
Handout 03-A

Lesson 04:
Japan at the International Table—The West as Threat or Opportunity?

Throwing off Asia I Essay

Lesson 05:
“Old China, New Japan”

Handout 05-A (Word doc)
Handout 05-B (Word doc)
Handout 05-C (Word doc)
“Old China, New Japan” (PowerPoint)

Lesson 06:
Kiyochika's Satirical Cartoons: An Analytical Approach

Handout 01-A
Handout 01-B (PowerPoint)
Handout 01-C (PowerPoint)

Lesson 07:
American Newspaper Narratives of the Sino-Japanese War

Handout 07-A

Lesson 08:
The Birthday of the “New” Japan

Handout 08-A
Handout 08-B

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