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For WAFL 17 Presenters (main program & posters)

30-Minute Presentation
You are allotted 20 minutes for presentation, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. We encourage you to leave plenty of time for interacting with the audience.

There will be a projector compatible with Mac and PC.

If you wish to use a handout, bring 75 copies. Make them available at the time of your session, not before. We welcome presentations that use projection without paper handout.


Posters should not exceed 120 cm (≈ 4 ft) in height by 120 cm (≈ 4 ft) in width. The poster can be in any orientation. The organizers will help you with setting up your poster. We ask poster presenters to prepare a lightning talk for their poster—just slides to project, no paper handout.

There will be two poster sessions. Each session will start with a three-minute-long lightning talk for each poster. The aim of lightning talks is to present a topic in a concise and clear manner to grab the attention of the audience. Presenters can use slides for their lightning talks, which we will install on one computer to save time in transition from one lightning talk to the next. There will be no paper handouts for these presentations, just the projection. The lightning talks will be immediately followed by the presentation of the posters.

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Photo: National University of Mongolia

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