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Bushū Yokohama hakkei no uchi: Miyozaki no aki no tsuki

Title: Eight Views of Yokohama in Bushū (Modern Musashi Province): Autumn Moon at Miyozaki
Artist: Yoshitora (fl. ca. 1850-80)
Format: Woodblock print
Medium: Ink and color on paper
Dimensions: 36.3 x24.5 cm (14 5/16 x9 5/8 in.)
Source: Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

This print from Yoshitora's "Eight Views of Yokohama" series depicts Miyozaki, the entertainment district. Located a short distance from the main part of the town, Miyozaki comprised several establishments for providing entertainment and companionship for the residents of Yokohama. Gankirō, which this print probably depicts, catered to foreign clients. A courtesan wearing a kimono decorated with a motif of chess (shōgi) pieces joins a bearded foreigner who points through the open paper window toward the full moon. [Adapted from Ann Yonemura, Yokohama: Prints from Nineteenth-Century Japan]

Visualizing Cultures image number: Y0122

Keywords: Miyozaki, Westerners, Gankirō, entertainment district, courtesans, Yokohama, racial intermingling of Japanese and foreigners

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