"100 Views of Great Tokyo in the Shōwa Era" by Koizumi Kishio / kk087_1937_w009_airport
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The Tokyo Airport office at Haneda, designed by Ishimoto Kikuji, was completed in 1932. Its streamlined,
modern appearance complemented the novelty and machine aesthetic of air transportation. The first
powered air flight in Japan took place in December 1910. Regular airmail and commercial flights did not begin
until the mid-1920s. By 1935, however, Japan had 235 planes in civil aviation, providing regular service to Korea,
mainland China, Taiwan, and Manchoukuo, as well as domestic flights. Japan established a military air force in 1923.
By the time Koizumi developed this print, Japan had demonstrated its military air power in China and Manchoukuo.

Tokyo International Airport at Haneda (#87), March 1937

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