“Picture of Captain Asakawa on Horseback at Battle” by Kobayashi Kiyochika, January 1895 [2000.181] Sharf Collection, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
“Illustration of the Decapitation of Violent Chinese Soldiers” by Utagawa Kokunimasa, October 1894 [2000.380.07] Sharf Collection, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The following contains wartime propaganda images.
Readers are warned that these images can be offensive to view.


この章では戦時中のプロパガンダの画像が含まれてい ます。不快に感じるような表
現もありますので、先に 進む前にご注意ください。

On viewing images of a potentially disturbing nature: click here.   請注意:圖片或許會為帶來心理不適
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Throwing Off Asia II
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