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Tokyo—Ueno Park

“Uyeno park, with its wide avenues, enormous trees, and half-hidden temples… The ground slopes away steeply at the left, and at the foot of the hill lies a lotus lake of many acres that is a pool of blossoms in midsummer. … At Uyeno are more tombs and more sanctuaries, avenues of lanterns, bells, and drinking-fountains, and a black, bullet marked gateway, where the Yeddo troops made their last stand before the Restoration. Near this gateway is the sturdy young tree planted by General Grant.”

Eliza Ruhamah Scidmore, Jinrikisha Days in Japan, (New York, 1891) p. 50
MIT Visualizing Cultures
Ueno Park
Seiyoken Hotel (and Buddha)
Bronze Buddha in Ueno Park
Foreign Settlement, Tsukiji
Entrance to Imperial Palace
Chionin Temple
Shogun’s Tomb in Shiba Park
Stone Steps to Temple
Yoshiwara Pleasure Quarters
MIT Visualizing Cultures
Brinkley’s Japan courtesy Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College
Travel books courtesy Allen Hockley

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MIT Visualizing Cultures
MIT Visualizing Cultures
MIT Visualizing Cultures
MIT Visualizing Cultures