“Map Showing Routes of Relief Forces,” 1901


MIT Visualizing Cultures The Seymour expedition traveled by train, until defeat, returning over land and by boat. The second expedition marched overland adjacent to supply boats on the Hai (Peiho) River.

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June, Seymour & McCalla – – [dashed line],
August, Allied Troops [solid line]

"To accompany China in Convulsion by Arthur H. Smith”


  “From the Pei-Ho to Pekin,” 1900


MIT Visualizing Cultures
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"‘A Bird’s-eye View of the Disturbed Area in China.’

On this bird’s-eye map all the important points between Taku and Pekin are to be seen in their relative positions. The absolute distances are given in the adjoining table. The route of the unsuccessful relief force lay along the railway from Tientsin to the village of Lang-fang, a party of bluejackets from H.M.S. ‘Aurora’ pushing as far as Anting. On June 16 the force was compelled to return to Yang-tsun, from which it fought its way back to Tientsin, taking the wounded in boats down the Pei-ho. Only low hills break the surface as far away as the Great Wall, which is seen rising like a rampart in the distance.

Taku to Tientsin - 27 miles
Tientsin to Pekin - 79 miles
Tientsin to Yang-tsun bridge - 17 miles
Tangku to Chung Liang Cheng - 13 1/2 miles
Pei-ho River to bar at mouth - 6 miles”

Leslie’s Weekly, 1900 (vol. 90, p. 24)


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